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     My name is Jeremy Gunzelman.  I am a self-taught artist from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  I began producing leather products in 2019 upon noticing a particular gap in the market.  Leather goods are often overbuilt, bulky, and unattractive.  On the other hand, many are beautiful yet fragile and inappropriate for strenuous, daily use.  My products fall between the hard lines of form and function.  Rather than choosing one over the other, I hold both virtues to the same high standard.

     I always use the highest quality materials that I can reasonably obtain.  Within that rule, I offer a fair amount of options for my clients to choose from.  Through discussion regarding aesthetics and philosophy of use, we can come to a conclusion about the best possible options for the item you are ordering.  For more information regarding custom order considerations, see my custom order page.

     As a young and self-taught craftsperson, I very much consider myself a student of the craft.  There are certain things with which I have limited to no experience and, as such, I may not be able to accommodate the exact requests of every custom order.  I am always transparent in these instances and I am happy to work with you to adapt certain designs into realistic products that I am capable of producing at a standard we are both satisfied with.

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